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Pet Portraits

*** Regrettably, due to Christmas commitments, I am unable to take any more commissions until January 2018***

A Pet Portrait is a special way of immortalising our furry friends. When you commission me to produce your portrait, you will get to pick the size, style, and colours in your painting. I paint from your photographs, which can be sent to me via post or email.


What to do ....

Simply go to the contact page and send me a quick message with a rough idea of what you are after, and I will reply with details of how to send your photos etc.


£85 for 30 x 30 cm Canvas

£95 for 30 x 40 cm Canvas

£105 for 40 x 50 cm Canvas

All prices include postage.  

Larger sizes can be arranged. I will provide a no obligation quote depending on the size you would like.


What you'll get..

An Original, one of a kind piece of art done in Oils on a professional standard canvas with a width of 1.5cm. The image will wrap around the sides of the canvas, so that you can hang your painting straight on the wall. Alternatively you can opt to have your painting professionally framed. Please note that you will not own copyright*.


Natural light and a clear (preferably close up) image are essential. If you don't have a favourite picture, you can send me a selection of photos to choose from. You will get to approve the choice and image and layout prior to the brush hitting the canvas. Remember I can only paint what I see in the photo so please consider things like red eye, collars and leads, shadows across the face. If in doubt about the best way to take your photograph, get in touch and I will gladly give you some pointers.

I look forward to hearing from you!

* The small print:

Please note that the artist retains copyright of all artworks. This means that although you will own your painting, you are legally prevented from any of the following- 

  • copying the work

  • distributing copies of it, whether free of charge or for sale

  • renting or lending copies of the work

  • performing, showing or playing the work in public

  • making an adaptation of the work

  • putting it on the internet

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